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AATB affiliate membership is open to any manufacturer, supplier, shipping, packaging, laboratory, or storing organization that shares AATB's vision and mission, but is not eligible for AATB accreditation.

Want to join us in our vision and mission? Learn more about becoming an affiliate member today.


Biocut Systems Logo


BioCut Systems is a manufacturer of cutting solutions for the bioscience industry specializing in regenerative medicine and is committed to become an innovative leader by honoring and maximizing the donated gift of life. Our main focus is to help streamline production in a safe, sterile and efficient manner by providing bio-format presses, bone processing equipment and biologic cutting dies.


CorneaGen Logo

CorneaGen is a mission-driven company committed to transforming how corneal surgeons treat and care for the cornea. Based in Seattle, the company is innovating the next generation of cornea care, from new medical devices and biologics to therapeutics and interventions. CorneaGen supports corneal surgeons and their patients with a spectrum of services, including the latest in innovative products, delivery of the highest quality tissue, surgeon education, and advocacy for patient access and reimbursement policies. www.corneagen.com.


Exsurco Logo


From Innovation, Hope: Exsurco engineers high precision products for both the healthcare and tissue bank professional.

Our products allow these professionals to work with ease, efficiency and compassion. We are dedicated to working together with this community of professionals who are advancing the healing power of skin to patients who need it the most.

Our mission is to redefine excision science across the continuum of care through delivery and advancements in clinical solutions, strategic healthcare partnerships, and strong customer knowledge. We are committed to improving patient lives and outcomes by advancing innovation, product development, and the marketing of medical devices for healthcare professionals in the surgical and tissue bank markets.


Freight Services, Inc. Logo


Specialty logistics service providers are not prevalent in the life sciences industry. Freight Services is the leader in complete supply chain providers for this market. It's not just the services we offer that make us unique. Our disciplined processes, high quality standards and commitment to zero defects mean that you'll get reliable, consistent service. These repeatable processes help ensure our clients maintain logistical compliance within acceptable standards for the American Association of Tissue Banks.


Inheritor Cell Technology U.S. Logo


As a forthcoming biomedical company based in Los Angeles County, ICT U.S. specializes in biological sample storage, stem cell research and clinical application. Using their unique and robust Dual Center business model, ICT U.S. is able to harness nearly two decades of clinical trials and experience as well as gain access to the most potent and premium of stem cells from their Chinese center. ICT U.S. has a mission to improve life with cells, and is committed to being at the forefront of biobanking, stem cell preparation and clinical applications with the goal of sharing the amazing regenerative powers of stem cells with the American population. For more information about ICT U.S., please visit our website at www.ictcells.com.


Medline Logo


Medline is a global manufacturer and distributor serving the healthcare industry with medical supplies and clinical solutions that help customers achieve both clinical and financial success. Headquartered in Northfield, Ill., the company offers 550,000 medical devices and support services through more than 1,400 direct sales representatives who are dedicated points of contact for customers across the continuum of care. Medline's leading products include kitting, custom surgical procedure trays, medical/surgical products and head-to-toe PPE. We are looking at a partnership for life. For more information on Medline, go to www.medline.com/science.


QualTex Laboratories Logo


QualTex Laboratories is a full service laboratory that screens millions of donor specimens for infectious agents each year for blood and tissue banks, plasma centers and biotechnology companies locally and across the globe.

QualTex is FDA & ISO registered, CLIA certified and is an approved/accredited testing facility by multiple companies and health ministries worldwide.


Quick Logo


Whether being sent out for research or to be used as allografts such as skin and bone grafts, heart valves or corneal grafts - human tissue shipments will vary greatly in size, weight and temperature sensitivity. Working with key tissue processors and banks, Quick understands the challenges of delivering these life-saving and life-enhancing shipments. That's why we assess all aspects of your specific shipping needs, from the appropriate packaging and temperature requirements to optimized routing to meet your deadlines. We set up a comprehensive, detailed logistics operating procedure in advance to ensure the safety and integrity of every tissue shipment. A medical desk supported by healthcare logistics experts with the longest tenure in the industry, are available 24/7/365 to support your worldwide critical shipping needs.


Validated Delivery Solutions LLC Logo

Specializing in door-to-door transportation of live research animals, human and animal tissues, organ transplants and pharmaceuticals. We are staffed with transportation experts in the animal, airline and tissue fields. Same day and next day transport options are available. We will work with you to make sure you can continue your important business with the most minimal transport cost possible.


VRL Eurofins

VRL Eurofins is committed to servicing the transplant community with multiple regional high complexity testing laboratories. Each laboratory is focused and equipped to perform donor eligibility testing for both STAT and routine testing, utilizing state of the art technology with FDA licensed test kits and reagents. All of our laboratories are staffed with a dedicated and professional team of laboratory technologists and support staff. Additionally, each laboratory is equipped with multiple and redundant systems, to ensure the timely delivery of test results. In addition to donor eligibility testing, we offer high complexity pre-processing, in-process and final product USP microbiology and immunogenetic HLA testing. VRL Eurofins maintains the highest quality standards including the following licenses and registrations: CLIA, FDA 21CFR 1271, German Health Authority, Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration GMP and state licenses where required.

Becoming an Affiliate Member

Discounts and Benefits

  • Five complimentary individual memberships that will have access to members-only areas of the AATB website and portal, discussion forums, documents, membership and organization directories, and more (these individual members are classified as non-voting individual affiliate members). (Valued at $1,125)

  • AATB individual discounted membership pricing for AATB registered events and programs. (Average savings of $300 per event per person)

  • Extra discounts for AATB Annual Meeting and QDEW (Potential savings up to $1,500)

  • Listing of your company name, company description, and banner button on the AATB website. (Approximate value $500)

  • Your company name listed on select signage and printed at the AATB Annual Meeting. (Approximate value $800)

  • The opportunity to promote and leverage your affiliation with AATB by displaying an AATB Affiliate Membership banner button on your website.

  • Priority booth registration, one week before it's released to last year's exhibitors.

  • 1 additional complimentary booth badge with purchase of booth.

  • Additional exhibitor booth/sponsor badges for Affiliate Members. ($100 less than non-Affiliate Members)

  • Booth Discount (Approximate value $750)

  • Sponsorship Discount (Approximate value $500)

  • Affiliate Members with an Annual or QDEW booth/sponsorship have the ability to send 1 announcement through our push notification features on our AATB Events app, up to 20 word max and one (1) per day. (Approximate value $500)


The cost of AATB affiliate membership is $5,000 per year. (Proration not applicable.)

Expectations and Responsibility

AATB and the Affiliate organization will work together to achieve the following:

  • Promote and encourage the appropriate practices of tissue banking as stated in the AATB Standards for Tissue Banking, and encourage the performance and dissemination of research and evaluation relating to the effective use of the Standards in order to improve the overall quality of tissue banking nationwide.

Interested in becoming an affiliate member? Contact Julie Bly, Director of Membership Engagement & Marketing.